Chapter 9 Pt 1

Cats are inept at selecting a balanced diet

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Unformatted text preview: Preferences: Palatability And Acceptability •  Palatability of a diet is how well animals like a particular food •  Acceptability is an indication of whether an animal will eat a sufficient amount to satisfy their body’s requirements •  Food acceptability is measured with the one- pan test •  Food palatability is measured with the two- pan test Dogs and cats are inept at selecting a balanced diet; palatability is the primary factor influencing their selection of foods… much like their human counterparts! Nutrients •  Plants are composed primarily of fibrous carbohydrates, and store most of their reserve energy as starch •  Animals consist mostly of proteins and lipids, and store most of their reserve energy as fat (Animals get most of their energy from plants) Water •  Animals have three sources of water: •  Water which they drink •  Water ingested as a component of food and other drinks •  Metabolic water, which is derived...
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