Chapter 9 Pt 2

Chapter 9 Pt 2

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Unformatted text preview: is dependent on the ratio between calcium and magnesium in the blood •  Deficiency in magnesium results in: •  Muscle weakness •  Abnormal skeletal development •  Convulsions •  Chronic intake may contribute to urolithiasis and feline lower urinary tract disease in cats •  Sodium •  Found primarily in extracellular fluids •  Important for the maintenance of normal blood volume and pressure •  Symptoms of deficiency include: •  Pica •  Weight loss •  Fatigue •  Increased urination •  Impaired milk secretion •  Excess sodium results in excessive thirst and may contribute to hypertension (high blood pressure). •  Potassium •  Highest concentration is found inside cells •  Required for: •  Nerve transmission •  Fluid balance •  Muscle metabolism •  Deficiencies result in: •  Anorexia •  Weakness •  Lethargy •  Paralysis —༉  Potassium —༉  Excesses may cause problems, especially if the animal is in kidney (renal) failure; hyperkalemia can cause cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and death —༉  Chloride —༉  Important in balancing ionic charges and in metabolism —༉  Critical for normal nerve transmission —༉  Combined with sodium in common salt —༉  Adequate amounts are present in most diets. •  Iron •  Trace element required for the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin •  Therefore essential for oxygen transport throughout bloodstream •  Deficiencies result in: •  Anemia •  Weakness •  Fatigue •  Iron •  Toxicity results in: •  Anorexia •  Weight loss •  Death •  Absorption influenced by many factors •  Foods of animal origin have the highest availability •  Soy proteins may decrease iron absorption •  Iron oxide has a low solubility and is used...
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