Chapter 9 Pt 2

The kidney is the second major site of iodine

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Unformatted text preview: as a coloring agent to imitate the color of fresh meat. —༉  Copper —༉  Linked with iron metabolism —༉  Involved in the formation of melanin (skin pigment) —༉  Component of several enzyme systems —༉  Deficiency results in: —༉  Slow growth —༉  Pica —༉  Anemia —༉  Hair depigmentation —༉  Copper —༉  Certain breeds of dogs(most notably bedlington terriers) have an inability to mobilize hepatic copper causing: —༉  Hepatitis —༉  Cirrhosis —༉  Liver failure •  Manganese •  Important roles in metabolism and other body functions •  Symptoms of deficiency are rare but can include: •  Infertility •  Stiffness •  Enlarged joints •  Brittle bones. •  Toxicity has been reported to cause partial albinism and infertility in Siamese cats. •  Zinc •  Plays roles in enzyme function and in protein synthesis •  Zinc deficiency results in: •  Poor growth •  Anorexia •  Scaly dermatitis (skin disease) •  Hair depigmentation •  Testicular atrophy •  Impaired wound healing •  Immunodeficiency with secondary infections —༉  Zinc —༉  Certain breeds of dogs have increased requirements —༉  Toxicity is usually associated with the ingestion of metals containing zinc —༉  Toxicity may result in hemolytic anemia and death —༉  Iodine —༉  Essential dietary nutrient for all animals —༉  70% to 80% of the total body iodine is found in the thyroid gland. —༉  The kidney is the second major site of iodine concentration —༉  Primary function of iodine is in the synthesis of thyroid hormones (determines an animal’s rate of metabolism) —༉  Iodine —༉  When iodine is insufficient, the thyroid cannot synthesize sufficient hormone and blood concentration declines, causing the thyroid to enlarge —༉  This condition is called goiter —༉  Iodized salts are commonly used to ensure an adequate dietary intake of iodine —༉  Selenium —༉  Protects cells from lipid peroxidation —༉  Interrelated with vitamin E in its function of protecting the body from oxidative damage —༉  Essential for normal muscle function —༉  Selenium —༉  Deficiency in results in: —༉  White muscle disease —༉  Large doses are highly toxic causing: —༉  Vomiting —༉  Weakness —༉  Ataxia —༉  Pulmonary edema —༉  Death —༉  Research studies have been conducted in which dogs and cats were fed purified diets and water to dete...
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