timetype applied programming w e can place this

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Unformatted text preview: on with an int as We operator+ function int as its left operand and a TimeType as its right TimeType as operand. operand. C++ provides an alternate method of providing C++ operator overloading. operator We need const TimeType operator+(const TimeType&); const TimeType iin the int class – but with access to the internals n int class but of TimeType!!! TimeType Applied Programming W e can place this function with(in) the class We with(in the TimeType but not as a member function. TimeType W e call it a friend of the class. We friend const TimeType operator+(int,const TimeType&); const TimeType where the two operands are explicitly listed as where arguments. arguments. But it still needs access to TimeType. But TimeType Applied Programming W hen we write the implementation of a friend, we When do not put the keyword in front of it. do Nor do we place the class:: before it. Nor class:: The prototype must be preceded with the The keyword friend. friend As this is neither a public...
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