But theyre not the ones applied programming for now we

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Unformatted text preview: fstream, ofstream (and fstream). ofstream (and fstream Instances of these classes. C++ provides a mechanism for a hierarchy of C++ classes where each level of the hierarchy inherits behaviours from its ancestors in the family tree. behaviours This process is called inheritance. This inheritance It is the foundation of object-oriented oriented programming using C++. programming We'll introduce inheritance later. But they're not the ones. Applied Programming For now, we only need to know that there are two For stream classes providing the base for our known stream classes. stream Applied Programming W hat is more important is that the two operators What << and >> are just operators defined for streams. << and >> That is, they are just functions. For example, in ostream we have For ostream They are istream for input and ostream for output ostream& operator<<(const type&); W e can now see that the functions such as We cin.get(), cin.eof() and cout.put()...
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