But wait remember what a linkedlist was remember

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Unformatted text preview: structor for each instance. But wait. Remember what a LinkedList was? Remember LinkedList struct Cust; // forward reference typedef Cust* CustPtr; CustPtr struct Cust { char name[30]; int partysize; Cust *next; }; class LinkedList class LinkedList { public: void Initialise(); void Add(char,int); void Add(char,int void Remove(char,int&); void Remove(char,int private: CustPtr Head; }; Not suitable for a supermarket queue. Applied Programming Applied Programming W e want to be able to create such abstract data We types as linked lists but be able to put any data we desire into these linked lists. we Let's look at another example to illustrate how we Let's can define our own abstract datatypes. datatypes We do that with arrays (built into C++). Let's create a time type. Why can't we do it with our own? We can. What will we call it? How about TimeType. How TimeType We construct generalised classes called templates We'll see these soon. What will it store? time of day in hours, minutes & seconds Applied Programming W hat operations do we want to be able to do with Wh...
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