Thus there are three pieces of memory called thus

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Unformatted text preview: usually) all private. Thus there are three pieces of memory called Thus now.hours, now.minutes and now.seconds. now.hours now.minutes and now.seconds Just like a struct. Just struct Applied Programming But, unlike a struct, these memory locations But, struct these are private. This means that only member private This functions of the class have access. functions Applied Programming Similarly now.Increment(); would add one second to now. would now Thus, a call to And now.Set(13,10,0); now.Write(); would set the three components of the object now would now to the time 13 hours, 10 minutes and 0 seconds. Applied Programming would output the value of now – without changing would now without the contents. the But how do we protect this? Applied Programming By the use of the keyword const. By const A call of the form now.Set(a,b,c); Because the instance is not an argument we Because cannot put const iin front of it, so we put const const n const after the function itself. is converted to Set(now,a,b,c); So we have since the function Set(int,int,int); void Write() const; is actually Set(TimeType&,int,int,int); Let's look at the mecha...
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