Operatorb thus for our own adts to use these

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Unformatted text preview: uilt-iins) is encountered in the code of a ns) of C++ program, the compiler generates a call to a function named operator• with one argument – operator with the right operand – while the left operand is the the while class instance. class So a + b would become Similarly a == b becomes a.operator==(b) Thus, for our own ADTs to use these operators, Thus, ADTs to we provide the requisite functions. So, all we have to do for TimeType is replace TimeType bool TimeType::Equals(const TimeType& t) const by a.operator+(b) bool TimeType::operator==(const TimeType& t) const ==(const TimeType t) Applied Programming Similarly bool TimeType::operator<(const TimeType& r_op) const <(const TimeType r_op { return (hours < r_op.hours return r_op.hours || (hours == r_op.hours || r_op.hours && minutes < r_op.minutes) && r_op.minutes || (hours == r_op.hours || r_op.hours && minutes == r_op.minutes && r_op.minutes Applied Programming W e can also provide +...
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