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Unformatted text preview: ic data. The other concern is that the instance we are The copying to may already have dynamic data attached. attached. If so, we do not want to lose contact with it, at If least not before we delete it. least So, there must be some code to clean up So, dynamic data of the destination instance, if there is any. if Applied Programming Unary operators such as ++ and -- can also be Unary -- can overloaded. overloaded. W e'll leave these to later courses (or your own We'll reading). reading). Be aware that these have complications. Again – watch for the Pandora's Box. Again Applied Programming Applied Programming There are several other operators which are There special. special. << insertion operator for streams >> extraction operator W e need to overload these, but they are We operators of another class. operators What class? Applied Programming Applied Programming Well, we've used the already-defined streams defined cin, cout and cerr. cin cout and cerr Just instances of classes. We've made our own streams using i...
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