Although this is iterative we can also write it

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Unformatted text preview: call it with the actual root. We assume that the tree is non-empty. nonThe return value of 0 is a not-found result. notAll we have to do is use this function in Locate Locate function. nodePtr FindNode(void* data, nodePtr& root) { int Result = TreeDataCmp(data,root->data); TreeDataCmp(data,rootif (Result == 0) (Result 0) return root; if (Result < 0 && root->left != 0) rootreturn FindNode(data,root->left); FindNode(data,rootelse if (Result > 0 && root->right != 0) rootreturn FindNode(data,root->right); FindNode(data,rootreturn 0; } You can implement a non-recursive version of nonFindNode() FindNode(). bool Locate(nodePtr root, void* data, void* fdata) { nodePtr foundNode = FindNode(data, root); if (foundNode != 0) { fdata = foundNode->data; foundNodereturn true; } else return false; } Earlier we said that the process of adding a new node was almost identical to finding a data value. You'll see how more complex it seems. And so Insert is performed in a similar manner. Inse...
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