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Unformatted text preview: rt Here's readability again. Do you understand the recursive version more easily? We start with a recursive function to insert a new node. Let's now try insertion. 6 void InsertNode(void* data, nodePtr& root) { if (root == NULL) { root = new node; rootroot->data = data; rootroot->left = 0; root->right = 0; } else if (ListDataCmp(data,root->data)<=0) (ListDataCmp(data,rootInsertNode(data,rootInsertNode(data,root->left); else InsertNode(data,rootInsertNode(data,root->right); } Before we talk about deletion, let's consider how we can utilise the tree and its order characteristics. We would like to work our way through the data in the order specified by the comparison function in the order specified by the comparison function. When we put values in an array according to some comparison function, we were sorting. Consider this earlier binary tree. This is not a binary search tree. InsertNode(data, root); In the case of trees there are a number of ways of traversing the data. We visit nodes according to some rule. The way we want now is so that the...
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