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Unformatted text preview: . int Applied Programming Applied Programming // destructor ~IntIndColl(); // store in index position a value void Store(int,int); void Store(int,int // retrieve from index position int Retrieve(int) const; // Here's the ADT in interface form. File name is IntIndColl.h File IntIndColl.h copy an array void Copy(const IntIndColl&); void Copy(const #ifndef INTINDCOLL_H_ #define INTINDCOLL_H_ class IntIndColl class IntIndColl { public: // // constructor - use default argument constructor so only one needed IntIndColl(int sz = 100); Applied Programming private: // // // pointer to the array itself int *collection; total size of array total int size; }; #endif How big is an instance? Applied Programming W e'll see later the use of operators instead of We'll functions. Applied Programming functions. Now for the implementation. File IntIndColl.cpp. File IntIndColl.cpp #include "IntIndColl.h" #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; IntIndColl::IntIndColl(int sz) // note no default argument value here // has to be in one place or the other { size = sz; // should check for +ve collection = new int[sz]; collection int[sz } Applied Programming IntIndColl::~IntIndColl() { delete collection; } int IntIndColl::Retrieve(int index) const { if ((index < 0) || (index > size-1)) IntIndColl::void Store(int index, int value) index, int { if ((index < 0) || (index > size-1)) { cerr << "\nERROR: index out of range\n"; exit(1); } collection[index] = value; } Not quite as cosy as array[index] = value { cerr << "\nERROR: index out of range\n"; exit(1); } return collection[index]; return collection[index } and again not as nice as just array[index] Applied Programming void IntIndColl::Copy(const IntIndColl& source) void IntIndColl::Copy(const { if (source.size > size) { cerr << "\nERROR: coll. too large\n"); exit(1); } for (int i=0;i<source.size;i++) collection[i] = source.collection[i]; source.collection[i } There are alternative copy ideas. And can't we...
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