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Unformatted text preview: source by the author in your list of works cited. The citation is to the author of the material, not to the editor of a book in which the author’s work appears. If at all possible, you should quote and cite Mackie’s original source, not a quotation of him by Plantinga or Roy. Quoting an original author rather than a second‐hand summary gives the reader confidence that you have the original right, and allows the force of the original to come through without dilution. (c) List of sources. In‐text citations must be linked to an alphabetically arranged List of Works Cited. The list is keyed to the authors’ last names. You should refer to a full style manual for a complete list of principles and examples. Here are some cases that may help for the limited requirements of our course: 1) For book by one author: Mackie, J.L. 1982. The Miracle of Theism. Oxford: Clarendon Press. 2) For an article in a journal: Chandler, John. 1985. “Divine Command Theories and the Appeal to Love.” American Philosophical Quarterly. 22: 231‐39. 3) For an article/story/chapter in an anthology: Adams, Robert M. 1973. “A Modified Divine Command Theory of Ethical Wrong...
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