2 3 along us highway 160 what is the distance in miles

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Unformatted text preview: of Section 8, T35N, R10W? [2] 3. Along U.S. Highway 160, what is the distance in miles from the Animas River to the town of Mancos? Round your answer to the nearest 1/10 mile. What is the elevation difference? To reasonably answer these two questions, open O:\GIS\geog310\lab9\topos.mxd in ArcMap, and zoom into the Durango West map so that you can see all of Highway 160. Click the Measure tool . In the Measure tool window, set the measurement units to miles. Move the cursor to Highway 160 just across from the Animas River. Start digitizing the highway using a point-and-click method. Double click to end the line. The distance in miles will be shown in small text on the Measure tool. Remember, you need to determine the distance along Highway 160 from the Animas River to Mancos. You do not, however, need to digitize the entire highway length. Look for a hint (in red text) at the western edge of the Durango West map where the highway meets the neatline border. This hint is also printed on the paper map. For the elevation difference question, assume the elevation of Mancos is the number listed next to the town name on the digital Mancos map. [4] 4. What are the latitude and longitude coordinates, and the elevation, of the center of the northwest tailings pond just west of the Durango and the Animas River? State your latitude/longitude answers in both Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (DMS) and Decimal Degrees (DD) formats. Your final DMS answer should be rounded to the nearest second. Estimate the elevation of the tailings pond between the two contour lines. FYI, the tailings ponds no longer exist! SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS! [6] 1 Durango East, CO 1:24,000 topographic quadrangle [23 pts.] 5. How much latitude and how much longitude are contained by the North-to-South and the West-to-East boundaries of this topographic quadrangle map? Your answer must be in the “decimal degree” format. Hint: The latitude amount is the same as the longitude amount! SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS! [2] 6. What specifically does the thin brown dotted line re...
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