22 insert a title at the top of the page that briefly

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Unformatted text preview: nter margins (the thin dashed boundary) on all four sides. Right click on the image, and align it to the page margins, then the center, and finally the vertical center. 22. Insert a title at the top of the page that briefly describes the overall 3D image and the map data. Your title must be geographically meaningful. 23. Insert additional text with your name, GEOG 310 lab #9, date of completion of the map, and data source statement (USGS is the data source). Add an additional line of text that describes the contour interval shown by both the intermediate (thin) and the index (thick) contour lines. Center these lines of text beneath your map. Due to space issues, you may need to add this text as two or three blocks of text rather than one block. Do not insert a legend or scale bar on this map layout. Why not? There’s nothing to build the legend from in the Table of Contents, and scale is not constant across this 3-D oblique view. That’s why. 24. Using the Draw toolbar and the Spline Text Tool, insert readable blue italics Times New Roman font text that labels the four lakes, and Clear Creek, and South Fork Mineral Creek. You do not need to focus the data frame to do this. Your lake labels should be horizontal and offset from 6 their lakes, and not on the lakes. You should remember how to correctly label the two streams. Also, set a thin Gray 40% halo mask for each text label. 25. Print your map layout on the black/white laser printer. Alternatively, you can export your map layout to a 300 dpi PDF file, and print the map later. Save the map document file to your lab9 folder, and close ArcMap. Ophir, CO Digital Raster Graphic and the TerraGo Toolbar [16 pts.] Let’s assume that the San Juan National Forest has hired you (!) to determine the source of some Giardia cases that have been reported by hikers in the Ice Lake Basin area. Forest rangers suspect that the hikers drank contaminated water from three of the main lakes in the basin. They want you to use the highest resolution digital topographic map data available and determine (1) t...
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