Ask for assistance if youre not sure about your 3d

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Unformatted text preview: tom of your 3D hillshade. You should not see any of the outer edge of the hillshade in your 3D oblique view. Ask for assistance if you’re not sure about your 3D view. Once you have the 3D oblique view of Ice Lake Basin, go to Bookmarks>> Manage. Right click on the Ice Lake Basin bookmark. Update the bookmark to the new 3D extent and then rename it to Ice Lake Basin 3D view. Close the Bookmarks Manager dialog box. 4 8. To create contour lines on the 3-D hillshade image, open the Contour tool in ArcToolbox. In the Contour dialog box, choose the Ophir DEM as the input surface. Click the button to the right of the output polyline features box, and browse to your lab9/data3D folder. Type contours.shp in the Name box, and then click the Save button. Back in the Contour dialog box, set the contour interval to 40. This will create a set of contour lines that somewhat match those seen on the Ophir topo map. Leave the base contour value set to 0, but change the Z factor to 3.281. This is necessary because the DEM’s elevation values are in units of meters, but the Ophir topo map shows contour lines in units of feet. This Z factor will convert meters to feet. Click the OK button. The blue status text will appear briefly in the bottom right corner of ArcScene, and the contour lines will automatically be added to the Table of Contents and the 3-D view when the processing has finished. 9. The contour lines are spatially beneath the hillshade because base heights have not yet been set for the contours. Click the Full Extent button so that you can see the contours beneath the hillshade. 10. Open the attribute table for the contour lines. Sort the CONTOUR attribute values in ascending order. The CONTOUR attribute values are the elevations at 40-foot increments. Close the table. 11. Go to File>>Save, and save this scene document file as Ophir_3D.sxd in your lab9/data3D folder. 12. Open the Layer Properties dialog box for contours. Click the Rendering tab. Beneath the Visibility section, click the radio button next to “Render layer only...
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