Click the ok button and wait for the contour lines to

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Unformatted text preview: while navigation has stopped.” Click the Base Heights tab, and set the base heights as you did in the previous steps (#4 and #5). Click the OK button, and wait for the contour lines to rise to the surface. This will take several seconds to complete – there are many contours that ArcScene has to set. 13. Open the Layer Properties dialog box for the streams layer. Change the width of the blue streams line symbol to 3. Under the Base Heights tab, set a layer offset of 20 to raise the streams slightly above the hillshade. This setting is near the bottom of the Base Heights tab. Click OK to apply and close the dialog box. 14. Reopen the Layer Properties dialog box for the contours layer. Click the Symbology tab. By default, a single symbol is used to represent all of the contour lines. A symbology layer file has been created for you in which the intermediate contours (at 40-foot increments) are distinct from the index contours (at 200-foot increments). To use this file, click the Import button. In the Import Symbology dialog box, browse to your lab9/data3D folder and select the contours_symbols.lyr file. This layer file contains the symbology definitions that will differentiate between the two types of contour lines. Import the complete symbology definition. In the Import Symbology Matching Dialog box, make sure the Value Field is set to CONTOUR. Click OK to return to the Symbology tab in the Layer Properties dialog box. Notice the two line types are labeled intermediate contours and index contours. Above these words, delete the word CONTOUR. Click the OK button. The resymbolization process will take several seconds to complete. 15. Open the hillshade Layer Properties dialog box. Beneath the Rendering tab, move the “Quality enhancement” slider all the way to the right (High). Click the OK button. This will greatly increase the resolution of the 3-D hillshade image, although the 3-D navigation may be a bit less smooth. 5 16. When the rendering has finished, return to the Ice Lake Basin 3D view spatial bookmark, a...
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