Gray shades corresponding to intermediate elevation

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Unformatted text preview: s and hillshades are symbolized by default using a white-to-black “color” ramp. Gray shades corresponding to intermediate elevation values are stretched between white and black in this ramp. Click the Base Heights tab. The Base Heights settings control the 3D appearance of data in ArcScene. By default, the DEM and hillshade are displayed with no base heights set. Click the radio button next to "Floating on a custom surface". In the drop -down box beneath this, choose the Ophir DEM layer. You can never obtain elevation values from a hillshade because its raster grid cell values represent brightness or shadowing levels, not elevation values. Click the Rendering tab. Beneath the tab are settings that control raster data visual effects and the appearance of the raster layer. Set the drawing priority to 10. Click the OK button. 5. The hillshade takes the base heights of the DEM layer, and pops up to a new 3D position. Repeat the base heights portion of step #4 above for the streams and lakes layers. In the Base Heights tab, make sure the base heights are floating on the DEM and make sure the radio button next to “No feature-based heights” is selected. Do not alter the drawing priority for these layers. Both hydro features layers should be turned on in the Table of Contents. 6. Click View>>View Settings, and in the dialog box, turn on the Directional Arrow. Close the dialog box. 7. Using the ArcScene navigation , zoom , and pan tools, create an oblique 3D view centered on the four main lakes in Ice Lake Basin. To zoom in or out on the image, you can also use the mouse’s scroll wheel. In the end, your view should be oriented as if you were positioned above and slightly southeast of the lakes and looking toward the northwest. If you are not sure about the orientation of your map, temporarily switch to the Ophir north-oriented 2D view bookmark. North is at the top of the map in this view. In your oblique 3D view, the South Fork of Mineral Creek should be running along the bot...
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