Im looking for both a brief text answer and a

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Unformatted text preview: present along the Animas River? I'm looking for both a brief text answer and a numerical answer. Read the text beneath the map for the answer! [2] 7. To the nearest meter, state the legal UTM description for the head of Hafllin Canyon (where the blue intermittent stream symbol ends just west of the old Animas Ranger Station). SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS! [4] 8. To the nearest ¼ ¼ ¼ section, state the legal township & range description for the spring located along Spring Creek. The symbol for the spring is (colored blue), it is labeled Spring, and can be found about 1.25 miles northeast of City Reservoir No. 1 and just east of the 6622 spot elevation. [7] A 9. How many feet of relief are there in Haflin Canyon from the point where the stream enters Reid Ditch to the small oval-shaped contour just west of the word "Baldy"? What is the gradient or slope of this canyon in feet per mile? [4] 10. Pretend you are a volunteer for the La Plata County Search and Rescue organization. An emergency call has just been received that a hiker is injured at coordinates 37°20'22''N, 107°49'28''W. You are asked to help locate this hiker. According to the topo map, what is the name and elevation of the place where the hiker can be found? Be as specific as you can. [4] Ophir, CO Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) [18 pts.] In ArcMap, open Ophir.mxd. Maximize the ArcMap window to fill the entire screen. This map document file is located in the O:\GIS\geog310\lab9 folder. You are looking a USGS digital raster graphic (DRG) of the Ophir, Colorado, USGS 7.5' quadrangle map. Go to the Ice Lake Basin bookmark. The lakes and ponds you seen in this larger-scale view fill a series of glacier-carved cirques. Notice that the basin is just inside the San Juan National Forest boundary. This is a popular location for hiking in the summer months. Zoom into the area around Fuller Lake so that you can see the lake as well as Fuller Peak and Golden Horn. Notice that the lake sits in a topographic basin. Except for its outlet to the north -northeast, the lake is surrounded by contour lines th...
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