Set the coordinate display format to decimal degrees

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Unformatted text preview: Go Toolbar can be downloaded free of charge from the TerraGo Technologies website: 4. In Adobe Reader, click the Edit pull-down menu and select Preferences>>TerraGo. Set the Coordinate Display format to decimal degrees (DDD.DDDDD), the Display Units to Feet, the Area Units to Acres, and the Degrees to decimal degrees (DDD.DDDDD°). Click OK. 7 5. Right click in the gray blank area of the Adobe Reader toolbar (to the left of the word Tools) and make sure the Hand Tool and Marquee Zoom tool in the Select & Zoom toolset are activated (checked). Leave the other tools at their default checked or unchecked settings. 6. The TerraGo pull-down menu and toolbar add several new tools to the graphical user interface of Adobe Reader. The tools have red icons. Click View>>Extended>>TerraGo GeoPDF. The TerraGo GeoPDF toolbar appears to the right of the map. 7. Click the Marquee Zoom tool and drag zoom boxes until you are zoomed in to Fuller Lake in the southwest portion of Ice Lake Basin. Near the center of the Adobe Reader toolbar, you should see a box with a large % value. You should set to a zoom-in value of 800%. Type this number in the box, and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Use the Hand Tool to recenter your map, and make sure a really big Fuller Lake is in the center of the Adobe Reader frame. 8. READ THIS ENTIRE STEP BEFORE YOU START TO DIGITIZE. In the TerraGo GeoPDF toolbar, click GeoMeasure>>Measure Area. Move the Measure Area window so that it is not on top of the map, and make sure you can see the entire lake. As you move the mouse pointer over the lake, notice that it is now a large K symbol. You are going to use this tool to digitize an outer boundary around the lake. Start by pointing somewhere in the middle of the thick, dark blue lake boundary, and single left click once. Continue around the perimeter of the lake, pointing and single-clicking, and staying within the middle of the thick blue line. You can delete a point that you just digitized by right clicking on the lake boundary. Be very car...
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