The city limits are defined by the dashed rectangle

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Unformatted text preview: How many acres are covered by the Ophir "city" limits? The city limits are defined by the dashed rectangle surrounding the town. Again, the instructions for Question #3 might be helpful 2 U. [4] When you are finished answering these Ophir map questions, close ArcMap. When you are prompted to save the map document, choose No. Save your Microsoft Word document, and then close the program. Close any other running programs. You are getting ready to start ArcScene, and this program demands a lot of computer memory to process data in 3D. The more computer resources ArcScene has, the better it behaves! Ophir, CO Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and ArcScene [10 pts.] 1. In Windows Explorer, go to the O:\GIS\geog310\lab9 folder. Copy the data3D folder and paste it into your lab9 folder on the M: drive. 2. Start ArcScene, and open the Ophir_3D.sxd scene document file from your lab9\data3D folder. Do not open the file from the O: drive! After a few seconds, a digital elevation model (DEM) will appear in the ArcScene data frame. Maximize the ArcScene window so that if fills the entire screen. Go to the Ophir 3D view bookmark to ensure that you are viewing the complete DEM. This DEM was downloaded from the USGS National Map Viewer, a website that you examined last week. It covers the entire Ophir map extent that you just examined in 2D in ArcMap. The DEM is tilted giving it an oblique perspective view, although terrain characteristics based on the elevation values in the DEM are not yet visible in true 3D. Examine the Ophir DEM listing in the table of contents. The elevation values in this DEM range from a high of 4232.86 meters to a low of 2730.52 meters. The high elevation values are colored white, while the low elevation values are colored black. Values in between are ramped through shades of gray. In the Table of Contents, turn on the hydro features group layer. Zoom out to the full extent of hydro features. The hydro features group layer contains major streams and lakes in San Juan County. Go to the Ice Lake Basin bookmark. This is approximately the extent of...
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