This is set from the raster resolution button beneath

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Unformatted text preview: nd then save your map. If your contour lines are partially hidden by the hillshade, try increasing the raster resolution of the hillshade. This is set from the Raster Resolution button beneath the Base Heights tab. Set both Cellsize X and Cellsize Y to 10. This will definitely slow down the 3D navigation. You can also give the contour lines a very slight offset of 5 or 10. See step 13 for the instructions on setting offsets. Look at the black contour lines and the V shapes along the stream that drains the three highest lakes in Ice Lake Basin (Fuller, Ice, and Island). This stream joins Clear Creek (which drains Clear Lake) and eventually joins the South Fork of Mineral Creek. Toggle the streams layer off/on to see this. The V shapes follow the terrain and indicate that the contour lines point upslope or upstream. You should still be zoomed into the Ice Lake Basin 3D view. If not, select this view from the Bookmark menu. 17. Unfortunately, there is no layout capability in ArcScene. Maybe there will be in the next version of the software – who knows? Not me! You can’t wait that long, so click the File pull-down menu, and select Export Scene>>2D. Do not select 3D. Export a 350 dpi JPEG image (Options settings are at the bottom of the dialog box), and save the file to your M:\geog310\lab9 folder. Name the file Ice_Lake_Basin_3D.jpg. This process will take several seconds to complete. 18. Once the map has finished exporting, go to File>>Save and save your 3D scene document to your M:\geog310\lab9 folder. Close ArcScene. 19. Restart ArcMap and open geog310_template1.mxd located in the O:\GIS\geog310 folder. Once the empty map template has fully loaded, change the page orientation to Landscape (File>>Page and Print Setup). Place checkmarks in all three of the boxes in the bottom half of the Page and Print Setup dialog box. Click OK. Switch to the Layout view. 20. Click Insert>>Picture, and insert the Ice_Lake_Basin_3D.jpg image from your lab9 folder. 21. Stretch the image proportionally so that the border is about 5 mm within the pri...
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