When you get very close to the green starting point

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Unformatted text preview: eful that you don’t double click until you are ready to finish. If you do, I’m afraid you’ll need to start over. Digitize a lot of line segments – don’t speed through this part of the exercise or your calculations will be off. When you get very close to the green starting point of the digitized lake boundary, either double click to end the digitization, or if the green starting point has turned red, double click to end. The total area of the lake will appear near the top of the Measure Area window next to the word Area. The perimeter value is displayed beneath the area value. Once you have the lake’s outer boundary digitized and while the Measure Area window is still displayed, single left click on the Adobe Reader title bar (click on CO_Ophir_233994…), and then press the Alt+Print Screen keys on the keyboard to capture the screen temporarily. Open your Microsoft Word document that you set up in Part 2 of this exercise. Move to the top of a blank page and paste the image that you just screen-captured. The pasted image should show the background topo map, the digitized and finished boundary around the lake (the blue digitized boundary may be somewhat hard to see on top of the blue lake boundary, but don’t worry about that), and the Measure Area window with your area and perimeter values. Copy the area and perimeter numbers and their units, and paste them beneath the map image. Make sure the area and perimeter values and units are clearly indicated as being for Fuller Lake. Type the answers beneath the map. Return to Adobe Reader. Click the GeoTool icon . Close the instructions window if it appears. Click the GeoLocator icon . In the Locate window, click the > button followed by Set Projection Parameters. If this window fails to appear, try maximizing the Adobe Reader window, clicking the GeoLocator icon to get the Locate window, and then returning to the ½ screen view. In the Coordinate System Selector dialog box, click the Predefined tab. Beneath Filter Options Coordinate System Type, click Geographic. In t...
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