Horizontal Curves

Arc definition 2 circular curve elements equations

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Unformatted text preview: nition 2 Circular Curve Elements Equations for Computing Properties of Horizontal Curves 3 Equations for Computing Properties of Horizontal Curves Example Problem A tangent with a bearing of N 56° 48’ 20” E meets another tangent with a bearing 56° 48’ 20” of N 40° 10’ 20” E at PI STA 6 + 26.57. A horizontal curve with radius = 1000 40° 10’ 20” feet will be used to connect the two tangents. Compute the degree of curvature, degree tangent distance, length of curve, chord distance, middle ordinate, external ordinate, distance, PC and PT Stations. Solution: I = 56° 48’ 20” - 40° 10’ 20” = 16° 38’ 00...
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