Know names and formulas for nh3 ch4 and h2o2 naming

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Unformatted text preview: Know the NAMES AND SYMBOLS OF ALL ELEMENTS included on p. 11 of the Chapter 4 lecture notes. Spelling counts! Know the ions formed by the A Group or Representative elements using the Periodic Table. Know the names and formulas of POLYATOMIC IONS included the Chapter 5 lecture notes! Naming ionic compounds: – cation name + anion name – Groups IA and IIA elements, Al, Ag, Zn, Cd don't need Roman numerals – All other metals can form multiple charges, so indicate the charge using Roman numerals Nomenclature for Ionic Compounds: – Given formula of a compound, determine the name. – Given the name of a compound, give the formula. Naming binary molecular compounds: – Use Greek prefixes when more than one atom of an element is present. – Know names and formulas for NH3, CH4, and H2O2. Naming binary and ternary acids: H('s) + "- ide" ion → "hydro____ic acid" – Cl- = chloride ion →...
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