Capital Investment

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Unformatted text preview: E 4505/4525 Schork L6 4 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L6 Once CFE & CPM are calculated (Sums of CBM s) Add spares, storage, catalyst, computers To get CTBM Add Csite 10‐20% of CTBM for new installation 4‐6% of CTBM for addition to integrated complex Add Cserv Add Calloc Utility lines, control rooms, labs, etc. Build of upgrade shared off‐site facilities 5 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L6 Contingencies & Contractors Fee Contingencies: 15% of CDPI Contractor’s Fee: 3% of CDPI Total: 18% Add to get CTDC Land: 2% of CTDC Croyal: 2% of CTDC Cstartup: 2‐30% of CTDC Add to get CTPI Factor CTPI for location 6 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L6 Working Capital: CWC Estimate with Operating Cost Sheet (later) Add to get Total Capital Investment: CTCI 7 ChBE 4505/4525 Schork L6 Example: 1 Billon lb/yr NH3 in 2000 in Midwest USA End of L6 8...
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