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MPH 631Change, chaos and theories of leadership

1 41014 behavioralstyle theories lewins leadership

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Unformatted text preview: e cause from effect —༉  Ignore situational factors Theories of Leadership —༉  Great Man Theory Leadership Style Theories of Leadership …focus on the behavior and relaBonships of people interacBng within a world of people. 1 4/10/14 Behavioral/Style theories Lewin's Leadership Styles —༉  MacGregor: Theory X and Theory Y —༉  AutocraBc: Authoritarian, direcBve —༉  BureaucraBc: OrganizaBon rules, structure —༉  Laissez- faire: Non- direcBve, permissive, ultraliberal ConBngency Theory ConBngency Theory —༉  …focus on a combinaBon of factors, such as the people, the task, the situaBon, the organizaBon, and a number of environmental factors. —༉  SituaBonal variables —༉  Leader- member relaBonship —༉  Task structure —༉  PosiBon power The Managerial Grid High 9 8 7 Concern for 6 People 5 “Relationship” 4 3 2 Low 1 Modern Leadership Theories and Styles Team management “Country club” management “Organization man” management Impoverished management 1 Low 2 3 Auth...
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