MPH 631Change, chaos and theories of leadership

In the midst of a paradigm shig servant leadership

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Unformatted text preview: h person/follower individually TransformaBonal Leader —༉  MoBvates followers to perform to their full potenBal —༉  Leaders & followers raise each other up to higher levels —༉  Focus is on collecBve purpose —༉  Ogen used for higher order change and to change the organizaBon’s culture TransacBonal vs. TransformaBonal Leadership —༉  Transac'onal —༉  provides structure —༉  good at providing direcBves —༉  established as the knowledge base for the group —༉  work focused and task oriented —༉  Transforma'onal —༉  provides moBvaBon —༉  good listener, open minded —༉  shares knowledge willingly, eager to learn —༉  sBmulates others intellectually, can excite and exhilarate 3 4/10/14 Servant Leadership —༉  Robert Greenleaf —༉  A servant leader is: An ethical person who put others—not herself or himself—in the foreground. In the midst of a paradigm shig… Servant Leadership —༉  Leadership upside- down —༉  Servant leaders transcend self- interest to serve the needs of others, help others grow and develop, and provide opportun...
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