followers raise each other up to higher levels

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Unformatted text preview: m management “Country club” management “Organization man” management Impoverished management 1 Low 2 3 Authority obedience 4 5 6 7 Concern for Production “Task” 8 9 High 3 4/10/14 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER TRANSACTIONAL LEADER „༈  Motivates followers to perform to their full potential „༈  Gives rewards in exchange for performance „༈  Leaders & followers raise each other up to higher levels „༈  Manages by looking for deviations from rules „༈  Focus is on collective purpose „༈  Intervenes only if standards aren’t met „༈  Often used for higher order change and to change the „༈  Abdicates responsibilities organization’s culture WHAT IF WE TURNED THE HIERARCHY UPSIDE DOWN???? SERVANT LEADERSHIP „༈  Robert Greenleaf „༈  A servant leader is: An ethical person who put others—not herself or himself—in the foreground. Leader at the bottom; employees leading at the top – Servant Leadership POST - MODERN THEORIES COMPLEXITY MODEL OF SYSTEMS ...
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