Eras of leadership tribal theories of leadership

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Unformatted text preview: understand „༈ Work with leaders from diverse complexity (Rowitz, 2009) backgrounds 6 1 4/10/14 LEADERSHIP THEORIES —༉  Many… —༉  Mimic societal and human evolution! ERAS OF LEADERSHIP „༈  Tribal THEORIES OF LEADERSHIP „༈  Great Man Theory „༈  Pre-Classical „༈  Classical „༈  Modern „༈  Post-Modern TRAIT THEORIES OF LEADERSHIP „༈  Seek to differentiate leaders from non-leaders by who they are „༈  Overlook needs of followers „༈  Fail to clarify trait's relative importance „༈  Don't separate cause from effect „༈  Ignore situational factors TRAITS OF ADMIRED LEADERS (KOUZES AND POSNER) 2 4/10/14 LEADERSHIP STYLE THEORIES OF LEADERSHIP BEHAVIORAL/STYLE THEORIES …focus on the behavior and relationships of people interacting within a world of people. „༈  MacGregor: Theory X and Theory Y LEWIN'S LEADERSHIP STYLES „༈  Autocratic: Authoritarian, directive „༈  Democratic: Participative, inclusive „༈  Laissez-faire: Non-directive, permissive, ultraliberal CONTINGENCY THEORY „༈  …focus on a combination of factors, such as the people, the task, the situation, the organization, and a number of environmental factors. „༈  Bureaucratic: Organization rules, structure CONTINGENCY THEORY THE MANAGERIAL GRID „༈ Situational variables „༈ Leader-member relationship „༈ Task structure „༈ Position power High 9 8 7 Concern for 6 People 5 “Relationship” 4 3 2 Low 1 Tea...
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