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Human relations assumptions image or metaphor family

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Unformatted text preview: ASSICAL THEORY STYLE): A collection of people: „༈ with specific responsibilities „༈ working together „༈ under a division of labor „༈ with a hierarchy of authority „༈ to achieve a common goal 5 4/10/14 CLASSICAL THEORY ASSUMPTIONS: Image or Metaphor: HOW TO BE THE MOST EFFICIENT IN A BUREAUCRATIC STRUCTURE A machine Pyramid „༈  Unity of command Impersonal „༈  Appropriate span of control Goal-driven Phrase: „༈  Clear lines of authority Efficieny Words: „༈  Written job descriptions The One Best Way „༈  Regular performance review „༈  Written policies & procedures Control, control, control „༈  Emphasis on competence HUMAN RELATIONS FRAME TRADITIONAL VS. HUMAN RELATIONS ASSUMPTIONS Image or metaphor: Family „༈ Traditional Words: Caring, Nurturing, Supportive Spirit Concepts: motivation, empowerment, development, communication „༈  People try to satisfy one class of need at work = economic need „༈  No conflict exists between individual and organizational objectives „༈  People act rationally to maximize rewards „༈  We act individually to satisfy individual needs MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS „༈ Human Relations „༈  Organizations are social systems „༈...
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