So organizations are tools or instruments to meet

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Unformatted text preview: ༈  Universe is a living system „༈  Chaos theory „༈  Quantum theory „༈  Complexity Science „༈  Life’s energy is oriented toward organization „༈  Life is oriented toward definition of self „༈  Life organizes at all levels of complexity „༈  People do not like to be controlled „༈  Organizations are living systems 4 4/10/14 ORGANIZATION WHAT IS AN ORGANIZATION? „༈  Greek Organon: „༈ Organizations are social entities that are goal meaning a tool or instrument. „༈  So, organizations are tools or instruments to meet goals, objectives, to carry out tasks. directed, are designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity systems, and are linked to external environment.” „༈ “Organizations are made up by people and their relationships” HISTORY OF ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY SYNOPSIS OF ORGANIZATIONAL THEORIES „༈ Difficult to separate management and §༊  Classical Theory organizational theory - developed simultaneously „༈  Industrial Revolution „༈  Scientific Revolution „༈  Scientific Management „༈  “Taylorism” „༈  Information/Systems Revolution HAVE YOU EVER HEARD? „༈  Form follows function? „༈  f(x)=? §༊  Neoclassical Theory/Human Relations Approach §༊  Systems Theory §༊  Contingency Theory §༊  Chaos/Complexity Science Theory ORGANIZATION (CL...
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