Organism open organizations influenced but also

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Unformatted text preview: Motivated by many needs „༈  Not always logical or predictable „༈  Interdependent „༈  Informal work group plays major role in determining attitudes = stronger than mgmt „༈  Job roles are complex THEORY X AND THEORY Y „༈  Theory X „༈  Theory Y „༈  childlike SelfActualization Esteem Belonging Love „༈  adults „༈  passive „༈  desire to achieve „༈  lazy „༈  resists work „༈  want to be led „༈  bare minimum „༈  committed to work „༈  responsible „༈  lead, control their work „༈  want to do a good job Safety Physiological 6 4/10/14 ORGANIZATIONS AS SYSTEMS SOCIAL SYSTEMS THEORY „༈ System: a set of interdependent elements forming an organized whole INPUT à༎ THROUGHPUT à༎ OUTPUT Garbage in, garbage out… „༈ Closed: Behavior explained almost exclusively in Image or metaphor: Words: terms of forces inside the organization. organism „༈ Open: Organizations influenced, but also dependent on environments flexible, responsive, fluid, changing „༈ Organizations can be seen as open systems, like organisms which constantly adapt to their internal and external environment SYSTEMS PARADIGM CONTINGENCY THEORY What endures is process: „༈ “Contingency means that one thing depend on „༈  dynamic „༈  adaptive „༈  creative other things, a...
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