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00 4052 20000 0 2009 9600 4000 20000 0 ratio analysis

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Unformatted text preview: 052 $20,000 $0 2009 $96.00 4,000 $20,000 $0 Ratio Analysis Liquidity Ratios Current Ratio Quick Ratio Asset Management Ratios Inventory Turnover Days Sales Outstanding Fixed Assets Turnover Total Assets Turnover Debt Management Ratios Debt Ratio Times-interest-earned ratio EBITDA coverage ratio Profitability Ratios Profit Margin Basic Earning Power Return on Assets Return on Equity Market Value Ratios Earnings per share Price-to-earnings ratio Cash flow per share Price-to-cash flow ratio Book Value per share Market-to-book ratio 2010 2009 2.4385519212 2.5206022187 $1.17 1.411251981 Industry Avg 2.58 Measures the ratio of current liabilities to current assets. As 1.53 This ratio takes away inventory out of the equation. This sho 5.00 45.63 1.92 1.11 7.14 43.80 2.00 1.22 7.69 This shows how many times a year the company cycles thro 47.45 This shows how long it takes to get paid for something that w 2.04 This measures how well fixed assets are used in sales in the 1.23 This includes all assets to see how they efficiently they 'turn 35.2% 12.67 4.37 33...
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