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2 1267 437 332 1390 409 321 the debt ratio has

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Unformatted text preview: .2% 13.90 4.09 32.1% The debt ratio has increased most likely because the compan 15.33 Times interest earned measures how well the company has th 4.18 The EBITDA coverage ratio removes taxes, depreciation, an 9.6% 19.2% 10.6% 16.4% 8.6% 18.9% 10.6% 15.8% 8.86% Better than the industry, and increased dramatically, the Net 19.48% Worse than the industry, but getting better. Basic Earning Po 10.93% a Steady return on assets shows the company is nearly on pa 16.10% Return on equity increase, along with these other profitabilit $9.99 9.01 $16.19 5.56 $60.68 1.48 $8.63 11.12 $14.25 6.74 $54.61 1.76 NA Shows the amount earned vs. the amount of shares of stock. 10.65 Declining price to earnings ratio maybe shows that the comp NA Cash flow per share shows how much cash the company can 7.11 Price to cash flow shows the price of the stock in comparison NA Book value per share shows the price per share that the comp 1.72 A declining market to book ratio shows that our book value...
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