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Inborn geneoc desire altering body chemistry societys

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Unformatted text preview: of drug use/abuse any substance that modifies mind and/or body funcOoning ì༎  Physiology/biology of drug use ì༎  Major types/categories of drugs ì༎  Policy/regulaOon ì༎  PrevenOon and treatment ì༎  PsychoacOve drug: drug compounds (substances) that affect the central nervous system and alter consciousness and/or percepOons 7 8 The effect of a drug depends on… DISCUSS! ì༎  Inborn geneOc desire, altering body chemistry ì༎  Society’s views affect approach and use ì༎  MoOvaOon – physical pain, relax, distort senses… ì༎  Friends, family The popular use of legal drugs, parOcularly alcohol and tobacco, has caused far more deaths, sickness, violent crimes, economic loss, and other social problems than the use of all illegal drugs combined. ì༎  Mood, abtudes ì༎  Physical surroundings 9 Synthetic drugs ì༎  New drugs developed by people to mimic, change or intensify the psychoacOve effects of a controlled substance. 10 Which of the following is NOT an example of drug abuse? a)  Increasing dosage of a prescribed drug per doctor’s orders ì༎  SyntheOc drugs currently available include syntheOc versions of PCP, narcoOc analgesics, and amphetamine and methamphetamine. b)  Taking mo...
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