FASB Codification Guide-2

9 b 8 q2 general purchases and sales of inventory

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Unformatted text preview: e retained.) There is a 4,000-character limit on the text of each feedback item. Click the SUBMIT button to submit your feedback. If you do not click the SUBMIT button, your feedback will not be submitted. If you navigate away from the page without clicking the SUBMIT button, anything you selected or typed will be cleared. A page will be displayed indicating that your feedback was submitted successfully. To acknowledge receipt of your feedback, the System will send a ―Thank you for your feedback‖ email message to the email address associated with your System user account. Because submitted general feedback is not displayed within the System, the email message is the only place where you will be able to see your general feedback after you have submitted it. Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 171 LESSON SUMMARY The System offers feedback features that enable you to bring Codificationrelated problems and issues to the FASB’s attention. The System enables you to submit feedback on any specific paragraph or glossary term. Your feedback on specific Codification content is stored electronically within the System and available to you to see whenever you use the System. You can control whether and how your feedback is displayed when you browse Codification content using the System. The System also enables you to submit general feedback on the System itself (i.e., feedback that is not content specific). Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 172 REINFORCE YOUR LEARNING Questions Q1: For each of the following situations, state whether use of the feedback features of the System would be appropriate or inappropriate: a. You notice a spelling error in a Codification paragraph. b. You want to comment on an exposure draft of a proposed ASU. c. Following a link in the System takes you to a page other than the page you expected to arrive at. d. You believe that the FASB should change the guidance in a particular Codification Subtopic to better serve users of financial statements. For each of the following, st...
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