FASB Codification Guide-2

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Unformatted text preview: ot covered in Lesson 11. Lesson 12: Searching: Advanced Techniques 119 Section 75 Searches never include results from Section 75, XBRL Elements, of any Subtopic. USING THE “REFINE SEARCH” FEATURE Sometimes you will perform a search that produces no results. Other times your search will produce several results, but none relevant to your research. In both of those situations, you may want to perform another search using revised criteria. For example, you might try using different keywords or imposing fewer limitations on the portions of the content that are to be searched. Or you might simply need to correct the spelling of one or more keywords. To help you redo a search using revised criteria, the System provides a ―Refine Search‖ feature. This feature saves you from having to re-specify all of your search criteria when you want to change only some criteria. The ―Refine Search‖ feature is available at the bottom of every tab of ―Search Results‖ pages produced by both simple and advanced searches. The same kinds of criteria and ―Results per page‖ options are available through the ―Refine Search‖ feature as they are on the ―Advanced Search‖ page, as explained earlier in this lesson. The criteria from the search you just performed are already specified in the ―Refine Search‖ feature, so you do not have to re-specify criteria that you do not want to revise. To Refine Your Search: Scroll down to the bottom of any tab at any ―Search Results‖ page. Alternatively, click the ―Refine Search‖ link that appears near the top of each tab to instantly scroll down to the ―Refine Search‖ feature. Change the criteria that you want to change. To reset all criteria to their default settings, click the CLEAR button. Click the SUBMIT button (or press the Enter key) to execute a search using your revised criteria. USING THE “NARROW” FEATURE Searches of authoritative Codification content sometimes produce a large number of search results. Those results may include many Codification Sections that are not relevant to your research as well as some Sections that are. To help you identify search results that are mor...
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