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As a shared subtopic subtopic 954 of topic 840

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Unformatted text preview: ubtopic, or Section in the System, the title bar of your browser window will display the corresponding number-based citation. Special Considerations for Shared (Intersection) Subtopics Recall from Lesson 2 that exclusive Subtopics contain unique content not found in any other Topics, whereas shared Subtopics contain content that is common to two Topics. Because the content of a shared Subtopic represents the intersection of two different Topics, shared Subtopics are also known as intersection Subtopics. It is easy to determine whether a particular Subtopic is exclusive or shared. Exclusive Subtopics are identified by two-digit numbers and shared Subtopics are identified by threedigit numbers. For example, Subtopic 10 of Topic 840 is an exclusive Subtopic; Subtopic 954 of Topic 840 is a shared Subtopic. As a shared Subtopic, Subtopic 954 of Topic 840 contains the same content as Subtopic 840 of Topic 954. Because of that relationship, you might think that a shared Subtopic can be cited by number in either of two ways, for example as either ―840-954‖ or ―954-840.‖ This is not true, however. A special rule applies to citing shared Subtopics by number. Even though the content of a shared Subtopic is common to two intersecting Topics, each shared Subtopic is considered to be ―owned‖ by only one of the intersecting Topics. When you cite a shared Subtopic by number, the Topic specified in the Subtopic’s citation should be the “owning” Topic (also called the “dominant” Topic). In the case of the Subtopic shared by Topics 840 and 954, Topic 954 is the dominant Topic. Therefore, the only way to cite the shared Subtopic by number is ―954-840.‖ Citing the Subtopic as ―840-954‖ is not correct. Lesson 5: Citing Codification Content 50 There are two things to know that will help you identify the dominant Topic of any shared Subtopic. First, every Topic in the Industry Area of the Codification (i.e., Topic numbers beginning with the numeral ―9‖) shares at least one of its Subtopics with at least one non-Industry Topic. In every case where a Subtopic is shared between an Industry Topic and a non-Industry Topic, the Industry Topi...
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