FASB Codification Guide-2

As such a topic subtopic section and paragraph

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Unformatted text preview: itself because each Subsection’s title is unique only within the same Section. As such, a Topic, Subtopic, Section, and Subsection together are the necessary and sufficient elements of a Subsection citation. Paragraph Groups: Because each paragraph within each Section is numbered uniquely and consecutively, it is possible to effectively cite a specific paragraph group by citing the range of specific paragraphs that make up the paragraph group. This approach is especially useful if a paragraph group is nested within other paragraph groups. Paragraphs: When citing a paragraph, it is necessary to specify the Section to which the paragraph belongs as well as the paragraph itself because each paragraph’s number is unique only within the paragraph’s Section. As such, a Topic, Subtopic, Section, and paragraph together are the necessary and sufficient elements of a paragraph citation. Subparagraphs: To cite a specific subparagraph, specify the subparagraph by letter along with the paragraph to which it belongs. Simply referring to ―subparagraph (b)‖ would not accurately and completely identify a specific subparagraph in the Codification. Lesson 5: Citing Codification Content 47 Where Am I? Recall from Lesson 4 that you can position your mouse pointer over a paragraph number to display the paragraph’s hierarchical context in a popup box. CITATION STYLES The elements of Codification citations can be presented in different ways. In other words, there are different citation styles that you can use as you write accounting policies, financial-statement note disclosures, presentations for clients, articles for publication, and so forth. There is no single style that is best for all situations. The following material will explain the different citation styles and will help you choose an appropriate style for a given situation. General Considerations It is important to convey that a citation refers specifically to the Codification and not some other source of guidance. Sometimes this can be done at or before the first Codification citation in a document so there is no need to make the reference for every citation. Most of...
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