FASB Codification Guide-2

At such pages and tabs three printing features are

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Unformatted text preview: atures through the ―Print‖ button located on the bottom toolbar of many pages and tabs in the System (recall that tabs were explained in Lesson 3). To use any printing feature, you must first navigate to the page (and, if appropriate, the tab) containing content that you want to print. The specific printing features that are available depend on the type of page and, in some cases, the tab that is active on the page. Look Now Go to Section 605-45-45. Observe the “Print” button on the bottom toolbar of the DOCUMENT tab. Pages and Tabs That Contain Paragraph-Level Content The broadest set of printing features is available at pages and tabs that display paragraph-level content from one or more of the Codification’s Sections: The DOCUMENT tab of individual Section pages Pages on which all Sections of a Subtopic have been assembled via the ―JOIN ALL SECTIONS‖ feature (as explained in Lesson 2) Pages on which content from multiple Sections has been assembled via another content assembly feature (as explained in Lesson 15). At such pages and tabs, three printing features are available through the ―Print‖ button located on the bottom toolbar of the page/tab: Printer Friendly Printer Friendly with TOC (Table of Contents) Printer Friendly with sources. Invoking any of these printing features causes a new ―Printer Friendly‖ window to open on your computer screen. The ―Printer Friendly‖ window is an additional window of your browser program. Your original browser window will stay open, but it might not be visible because the new window will appear in front of it. A ―Printer Friendly‖ window contains the same Codification content as your original window; however, the content is formatted more suitably for printing than it is in the original window (for example, navigation features present in the original window are omitted). Two of the three printing features supplement the Codification content in the ―Printer Friendly‖ window with additional information, as follows: Printer Friendly with TOC: Includes a ―Table of Contents‖ outline above the Codification content Printer Friendly with Sources: Includes citations of the sources from which the Codification content was taken or derived (as explained in Lesson 14). Lesson 6: Working with Research Results 60 “Top” Button Remember that you can scroll instantly to the top of any page or tab using the “Top” button located on the bottom toolbar of the page/tab. Once the ―Prin...
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