FASB Codification Guide-2

FASB Codification Guide-2

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Unformatted text preview: es the ―Narrow‖ feature of the ―Search Results‖ page to focus on only those results that contain the phrase useful life. Reviewing the small number of search results now displayed, LeeAnn easily identifies Section 350-30-35 as the only result that contains the guidance she is looking for. Learning Outcomes How did LeeAnn limit her automated search to only the Subsequent Measurement Sections of the Codification? How did she quickly revise just one element of her original search criteria? And why did she not include the phrase useful life in her keywords at the beginning of her search? This lesson will explain how and why LeeAnn performed the advanced search as described above. In particular, this lesson will help you learn to do what LeeAnn did, that is: Perform searches using advanced criteria Revise and resubmit search criteria using the ―Refine Search‖ feature of ―Search Results‖ pages Filter the results of searches using the ―Narrow‖ feature of ―Search Results‖ pages. Lesson 12: Searching: Advanced Techniques 113 PERFORMING AN ADVANCED SEARCH As noted in Lesson 11, the System has both simple and advanced search features. The difference is that there are many more kinds of criteria you can specify when performing an advanced search than when performing a simple search. As with simple searches, when you execute an advanced search, the System provides you with a list of search results. Each listed result links to a content source (that is, a Codification Section, glossary term/definition, Codification Update, pre-Codification pronouncement, or exposure document) that matches the keywords and/or other criteria you specified. The advanced search feature is accessible from every page in the System. Near the top right corner of each System page is an ―Advanced Search‖ link. Clicking that link takes you to the ―Advanced Search‖ page, as shown in this screen image: Lesson 12: Searching: Advanced Techniques 114 On the ―Advanced Search‖ page, you can specify the following kinds of search criteria: Narrow Search Area Text/Keyword Codification Reference Document Title/Heading Area Try It Now Source Type. Click the ...
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