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Definitions of glossary terms that are used in the

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Unformatted text preview: hrases themselves are known as glossary terms. Lesson 9: Working with Glossaries 84 There are three glossary features within the System: Pop-up glossary term definitions Section 20 glossaries What’s Included? The Master Glossary. Each of the three features represents an alternative way for System users to access glossary term definitions. Pop-Up Glossary Term Definitions The Codification does not provide a definition for every accounting term you might ever want defined. It provides definitions only for words and phrases that have been explicitly defined by the FASB/SEC. In the System, the first instance of a glossary term in each Subsection of a given Subtopic is indicated in blue with a dashed underline. To display the definitions of those glossary terms in a pop-up box, position your mouse pointer over the term. For example, if you position your mouse pointer over the term, noncontrolling interest, in paragraph 480-10-15-6, you will see the following: You may also click an underlined term to navigate to the term’s definition as found within Section 20, Glossary, of the same Subtopic. Read on to learn more about Section 20. Section 20 Glossaries If glossary terms exist within the FASB guidance in a Codification Subtopic, the Subtopic will contain a Section 20, which lists the glossary terms that are used in the FASB Sections of the Subtopic along with the definition of each term. Definitions of glossary terms that are used in the SEC Sections of a Subtopic are located in Section S20. If a Subtopic contains both Sections 20 and S20, navigating to either Section within the System will take you to a page that contains the content of both Sections. On such pages, the SEC Section content will be shown in its entirety below all the FASB Section content, in a box having a black ―Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)‖ header. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all material in this Learning Guide that pertains to Section 20 pertains equally to Section S20. In the Sy...
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