FASB Codification Guide-2

E3 the glossary term immediate family is defined

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Unformatted text preview: . Citations of Codification glossary term definitions should incorporate a citation of the Section 20 in which the definition is located. Individual glossary term definitions can be annotated in the System. Lesson 9: Working with Glossaries 90 REINFORCE YOUR LEARNING Question Use the System as needed to help you determine the correct answers to this question. Q1: State the definition of each of the following glossary terms. a. ―Benefits‖ as used in paragraph 715-60-35-2. Use the pop-up glossary term definition feature to answer this. b. ―Funding Policy‖ as defined in Section 715-60-20. c. ―Finance Subsidiary‖ as defined in Section 470-10-S20. Follow the link in the definition of this term to the text of the SEC rule that actually provides the definition. Exercises E1: For each of the following glossary terms defined in Section 20 of the indicated Subtopic, describe how the pending definition differs from the current definition: a. ―Comprehensive Income‖ in Subtopic 220-10. b. ―Incremental Direct Cost of Contract Acquisition‖ in Subtopic 944-30. c. ―Obsolescence‖ in Subtopic 820-10.. E2: Using the ―Quick Find‖ feature of the Master Glossary: a. State the number of definitions that are associated with the glossary term ―Control.‖ b. State the number of FASB definitions and the number of SEC definitions that are associated with the glossary term ―Ordinary Course of Business.‖ c. Identify the Topic(s) in which Definition 1 of the glossary term ―Financial Asset‖ is used. E3: The glossary term ―Immediate Family‖ is defined differently in FASB guidance than it is in SEC guidance. State both definitions of the glossary term, indicating which is the FASB definition and which is the SEC definition. (Hint: Start at the ―I‖ individual letter page in the Master Glossary). Lesson 9: Working with Glossaries 91 Problems P1: For the glossary term ―Cost Recovery Method,‖ identify all of the Sections (by numeric citation) in which all of the definitions of the term are used. P2: Fo...
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