FASB Codification Guide-2

Exercises e1 perform a simple search for the keyword

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Unformatted text preview: ture located near the bottom of the tab. Each matching document title is a link that you can click to open the document in a separate window. Immediately beneath each individual link, an excerpt from the document is displayed. Additionally, each instance of each keyword is highlighted in the excerpts. A ―Search‖ pane will be displayed on the left-hand side of the Update document window. The ―Search‖ pane provides quick access to each instance of each search keyword in the document. LESSON SUMMARY In some situations, the search features of the System enable you to find answers to your research questions faster than if you were to systematically browse the Codification content. Simple and advanced search features are accessible from every page in the System. For a simple search, enter keywords in the SEARCH box located at the t op of any System page, near the right-hand side. The ―Codification‖ and ―Other Sources‖ option buttons located beneath the SEARCH box determine whether authoritative Codification content or sources of nonauthoritative content will be searched. Click the GO button to execute your simple search. You can browse your search results on the ―Search Results‖ page. Different tabs on the ―Search Results‖ page list different kinds of search results. Each result links to its source. Lesson 11: Searching: Fundamental Techniques 110 REINFORCE YOUR LEARNING Questions For each of the following, indicate whether systematic browsing or searching would be the more appropriate approach to finding information in the Codification. Q1: You are seeking information about a specific kind of derivative financial instrument and you know the exact words that are used in the Codification to refer to such instruments. Q2: You need to review all of the information in a particular Codification Topic. Q3: You are seeking very specific information that is likely to consist of only a single Codification paragraph and you have no idea which Codification Topic is most like...
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