FASB Codification Guide-2

Exercises e1 a na b asu 2011 05 fas 130 and fas 133 c

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Unformatted text preview: 10. Appendix A: Answer Key 185 Lesson 9 Question Q1: a. The monetary or in-kind benefits or benefit coverage to which participants may be entitled under a postretirement benefit plan, including health care benefits, li fe insurance not provided through a pension plan, and legal, educational, and advisory services. b. The program regarding the amounts and timing of contributions by the employers, plan participants, and any other sources to provide the benefits a postreti rement benefit plan specifies. c. A subsidiary is a finance subsidiary if it has no assets, operations, revenues or cash flows other than those related to the issuance, administration and repayment of the security being registered and any other securities guaranteed by its parent company. Exercises E1: a. The following is added to the definition: ―Comprehensive income comprises both of the following: a. All components of net income b. All components of other comprehensive income.‖ b. Entire definition is added. c. Definition is superseded. E2: a. 3. b. 1 FASB definition, 1 SEC definition. c. 2. E3: N/A. Problems P1: ―Cost Recovery Method‖ is used in the following sections: 944-605-20, 944-605-25, 360-20-20, 360-20-40, and 360-20-55. P2: a. The 7/1/09 definition includes an entity that transfers ―a portion of a financial asset.‖ In the 5/31/11 definition, this is changed to ―an interest in a financial asset.‖ b. N/A. c. This is used in paragraph 860-30-55-3. d. N/A. e.1,025. Appendix A: Answer Key 186 Lesson 10 Question Q1: a. Proposed Accounting Standards Updates. b. Pre-Codification Standards. c. Maintenance Updates. d. Notice to Constituents. e. Accounting Standards Updates. Exercises E1: Topic 840, Leases. E2: All entities that measure liabilities at fair value within the scope of Topic 820. E3: Fiscal years beginning after 12/15/2006. E4: Paragraph 958-360-45-3. Problem P1: a. ASU No. 2010-20. b. N/A. c. Annual reporting periods ending on or after 12/15/2011. d. It was superseded. e. The documents were excluded because of the nature of the instrument and the cost versus the benefit of providing such information. Appendix A: Answer...
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