FASB Codification Guide-2

For example the fifteenth asu issued in 2010 is asu

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Unformatted text preview: you must consult the System’s nonauthoritative content to find answers to your questions. This lesson will help you learn to: Recognize the kinds of nonauthoritative content that are available through the System Identify which nonauthoritative content to consult in various situations Access nonauthoritative content in the System. ABOUT NONAUTHORITATIVE CONTENT The Codification is the complete source of authoritative U.S. GAAP for nongovernmental entities. The System provides access to all of the Codification’s authoritative content. The System also provides access to some nonauthoritative sources of information, including: Lesson 10: Working with Nonauthoritative Content 93 Notice to Constituents: This document is updated periodically and published by the FASB. It provides detailed background information on the Codification’s structure, content, style, and history. Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs): The FASB issues an ASU to formally announce and describe each major change to the authoritative Codification content. An ASU is issued when the FASB approves and implements a change to the FASB guidance in the Codification. ASUs are also issued when the FASB implements changes promulgated by the SEC to the SEC guidance that is included in the Codification. ASUs are typically issued for major changes to the authoritative Codification content. Each ASU is assigned a numeric identifier consisting of the four-digit calendar year of issue, followed by a hyphen, followed by a two-digit sequential number reflecting the order of issuance in the calendar year. For example, the fifteenth ASU issued in 2010 is ASU No. 2010-15, the fifth ASU to be issued in 2012 will be ASU No. 2012-05, and so forth. Lesson 13 addresses ASUs in more detail. Proposed Accounting Standards Updates: For each major change that the FASB proposes to make to the authoritative FASB guidance in the Codification, the FASB issues an Exposure Draft of a proposed ASU to describe the change, explain the FASB’s rationale for the...
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