FASB Codification Guide-2

He also attaches brief electronic notes to the

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Unformatted text preview: help readers navigate quickly to the Section) e. Subsection f. Paragraph group g. Paragraph h. Subparagraph. Lesson 5: Citing Codification Content 58 LESSON Working With Research Results 6 Lesson Scenario George is the accounting manager of a company that operates a popular website. His company is planning to sell various items that feature the site’s logo and web address. The company will take orders and payments from customers online while relying on a third-party supplier to fulfill the orders. The supplier will ―drop-ship‖ ordered items directly to customers and then bill George’s company at wholesale prices for those items. George must develop an accounting policy for recognizing revenue from such sales. He finds relevant guidance in Section 605-45-45 of the Codification and verifies the scope of that guidance. Using the System, George documents the results of his research by printing the content of the Section for his files and sending his company’s external auditor an email message containing a link to the Section. He also attaches brief electronic notes to the specific Codification paragraphs on which the new accounting policy is based. Learning Outcomes In addition to finding answers to your research questions in the Codification, you must be prepared to document the results of your research, as George did in the scenario above. This lesson will help you learn to: Print Codification content Send an email message containing a link to a specific Codification Section Annotate paragraphs in the System. PRINTING CODIFICATION CONTENT There will be times when you want a printed copy of a portion of the Codification content. Because Codification content is regularly updated, you should only print out small portions of Codification content for quick reference. Avoid printing whole Topics or Subtopics because printed material can become outdated. Lesson 6: Working with Research Results 59 The System has several printing features that you can use to obtain a printed copy of Codification content. In every case, you access the fe...
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