FASB Codification Guide-2

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Unformatted text preview: used for Sections are available for assembled Sections. Lesson 15: Assembling Content for Greater Efficiency 152 USING THE “JOIN ALL SUBTOPICS” FEATURE Sometimes you might find it convenient if the content of all Sections of all Subtopics of a particular Topic were assembled on a single page. This is especially true if you have broad questions that are addressed in multiple Subtopics of a Topic. The ―JOIN ALL SUBTOPICS‖ feature of the System will save you time if you know you are going to want to review more than one Subtopic within a Topic. Using the ―JOIN ALL SUBTOPICS‖ feature, you can assemble all of the Section-level content of all Subtopics of a Topic on one page for ease of reading. To Assemble, on a Single Page, All Subtopics within a Topic: Navigate to the page for the Topic of interest. For example, go to the page for Topic 970, Real Estate—General. Click the JOIN ALL SUBTOPICS button located just above the list of Subtopic links on the Topic’s page. When the page finishes loading (which may take several seconds because the assembled content can be quite lengthy), scroll down to review to the assembled content. In this case, review the assembled content of all Subtopics of Topic 970. If You Have Assembled Subtopics within a Topic on a Single Page Here are some things you should know about pages on which Subtopics have been assembled via the ―JOIN ALL SUBTOPICS‖ feature: Because the pages are often large, System features often work slowly on them. Subtopics are presented in numerical order. A heading at the beginning of each Subtopic identifies the Subtopic by number and title. Using the ―Table of Contents‖ outline at the top of the page to navigate to a lower level of content within a Topic will cause the page to scroll down to the start of the lower-level content rather than taking you to a different page. Sections 00, 05, 10, and 15 in Subtopics other than 10, Overall, are collapsible, that is, their content can be hidden or shown as you choose. Initially, those Sections are collapsed, but each can be individually expanded (and collapsed again once expanded). The pop-up menu of the ―Display‖ feature located on the bottom toolbar of the page contains an option that alternates between ―Show All,...
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