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How paragraph annotations are displayed at pages and

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Unformatted text preview: annotation can be edited or deleted later. Each annotation is automatically date and time stamped when it is originally created. An annotation’s date-and-time stamp is automatically updated if and when the annotation is edited. There is a 4,000-character limit on the text of each annotation. However, you may create multiple annotations for a specific paragraph. Each annotation is date and time stamped independently of any other annotations that are associated with the same paragraph and can be independently edited or deleted. Lesson 6: Working with Research Results 64 To Create a Paragraph Annotation: Navigate to the page (and, if appropriate, the tab) containing the paragraph that you want to annotate. Click the ―SUBMIT ANNOTATION‖ link at the end of the paragraph. In the displayed text boxes, type (or paste) the title and body of the new annotation. Click the SUBMIT button to finish creating the annotation or click the CLEAR button to cancel the creation. The annotation will immediately be displayed following the paragraph with which it is associated. Try It Now Go to Section 605-45-45. Create an annotation for paragraph 16. How Paragraph Annotations Are Displayed At pages and tabs that display paragraph-level content, annotations are shown by default. You have the option of hiding all paragraph annotations on the page, but choosing to hide annotations applies only to the page where you do so and will last only as long as you remain at that page. If you remain at a page, you can choose to show paragraph annotations again after having previously hidden them. When annotations are shown on a page: Each annotation is displayed immediately after the text of the paragraph with which it is associated. An individual paragraph’s annotations may be ―collapsed‖ or ―expanded‖ to hide or show them without affecting whether other annotations on the same page are hidden or shown. The annotation date is displayed. When annotations are hidden on a page: A small label appea...
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